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Help us warm hearts with 25 new HVAC units

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We are Fundraising for Warm Kids this Season

Our Urgent Need - We need to overhaul our HVAC system to keep our classrooms warm during the winter months and cool during the upcoming summer months!

  • Oak Creek Academy prides itself on providing a warm and safe learning environment for exceptional learners in Bell County - and we are the only school of it's type in Central Texas!
  • As many as 6 classrooms were without heating this winter, and will struggle to stay cool as we move into warmer months. Our current HVAC units in these classrooms do not work with many others not far behind - due to the age and condition of these units, replacing them at once provides Oak Creek Academy with a long term, more cost effective solution.
  • We are asking our parents and key partners to rally their friends, family, and networks to support our school's endeavor to purchase 25 new HVAC units.

Oak Creek Academy's 4-Phase Vision Plan

  • Phase 1: Put down roots in our community! We are in the final stages of purchasing our building, we can't wait to celebrate this milestone with you!
  • Phases 2: Begin the much needed replacement of our HVAC system!
  • Phase 3: Repaving our parking lot and purchasing a new roof.
  • Phase 4: Build onto our property so that we can serve more students while staying true to our mission.

Our Oak Creek family deserves classrooms that are conducive to safe teaching and learning. We want to keep tuition costs low and affordable, which means overhead costs for building maintenance and upgrades aren’t covered without generous contributions. Will you support our vision for growth of our Oak Creek Academy and it's students? By becoming a fundraiser for Oak Creek Academy, you will help keep our classrooms comfortable and safe!

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it's fun:

  • We'll give you all the tools you'll need to make a difference, including a fundraising page to share!
  • We hope to raise $190K dollars to go towards phase 2 of our Vision Plan - but we know this is only the beginning of our plans for Oak Creek Academy.
  • With warm, giving hearts I know that we can raise the funds needed to make this goal a reality

10% of all donations will go towards establishing our very first Vision Scholarship program!

Want to be a sponsor by purchasing an HVAC unit for a classroom or by funding an annual scholarship? Contact us at (254) 526-9299 to learn more about our sponsor programs and benefits.

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